CSS 115xx clients occasinally being requested to authenticate.

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Good Afternoon, I have the following Content rule setup.

content rrc-stg

vip address x.x.88.18

advanced-balance sticky-srcip

redundant-index 8812

add service rrc-stg-1

add service rrc-stg-2

port 80

protocol tcp

url "//staging.rrc.x.x/*"


service rrc-stg-1

ip address x.x.99.70

keepalive port 80

redundant-index 8812

keepalive frequency 67

keepalive type script ap-kal-httptag "staging1.rrc.x.x /keepalive/lb.htm staging1.rrc"


service rrc-stg-2

ip address x.x.99.71

keepalive port 80

redundant-index 8813

keepalive frequency 67

keepalive type script ap-kal-httptag "staging2.rrc.x.x /keepalive/lb.htm staging2.rrc"


For the most part the content rule works without issue, and these servers are hosting multiple sites that are not experiencing any issues, but this site which is a new site occasionally will request for nt authentication? I had the same thing occur on another site a few months back and I had to change it to a layer 3 rule from a layer 5 rule... But Instead of changing the rule I would like to know what is causing this behavior? Any ideas it what I need to look at? The Web Admins are telling me that there is nothing different about this website than the others? All web servers are Windows hosted.


I have this problem too.
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