connecting two 1841 using HWIC-3G-GSM

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Hi dear experts

I want to connect to locations using 1841 routers with HWIC-3G-GSM cards.

Is it possible I use this without connecting to GPRS and without using a profile and dierectly with AT commands?

How can I force one router to act in answer mode?

How can configure the other one to dial to second router (via its mobile number).

Thx in advance


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Dear Carlos,

Thx for help. Actually I read document many times and tested a lot but not useful to me.

I have two 1841 routers and would like to connect them directly via GSM not through GPRS.

I have configured my ROUTER1 as Dial on Demand as you may see its config in attachment. Its ok and dials out without any problem.

I have problem in my second router config (ROUTER2) . I have attached its config too.

As you can see in attachment file, modem parameters ar ok and S0=1 which means its in auto answer mode.

When I dial from Router1 to Router2 , Router2 dosent reply and so dial fails. But when in Router2 I connect to modem (with telnet 2018) and again dial from Router1 to Router2 , it hanhup and both modems connect to each other.

I just would like to know what is my foul in ROUTER2 configuration and if you have any suggestion for it.

Thx in advance,

Alireza Kalantari



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