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The documentation says that an h323 gateway is required for mobile voice access. It also says you can use an existing one or add a new for haipinning.

My question is if I already have a fully working 2811 using MGCP gateway (PRI), can i add another router and configure it as h323 and setup Mobile voice access on that and have it use the mgcp gateway where the pri is terminated for voice calls or can I setup the same MGCP gateway as an H323 gateway also on the same router and have that do both MGCP and H323 for Mobile voice access?

Any advice/direction on this would be appreciated.

I have this problem too.
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Jaime Valencia Thu, 09/04/2008 - 19:34

if you have two PRIs in the same router then you can use one with MGCP and other with H323, you may add other router to only use H323. it's your choice



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Thanks for the quick response. but... I only have 1 PRI in a 2811 setup as MGCP today. I have 1 2801 spare on the shelf. Can i configure that router as h323 gateway for the VXML Voice access and hairpin to the mgcp gateway for all inbound and outbound calls?

Or does the PRI have to reside in the h323 router itself?

Also, Could the existing MGCP 2811 be both MGCP for the PRI and H323 for vxml voice access simultaneously? Is that supported?

Are there docs for this configuration?

Thanks again.

gogasca Fri, 09/05/2008 - 07:10

Defintly you can do it.

PSTN --- GW <-- MGCP --> CUCM

<-- H.323 -->

You use the same GW, just add it as H.323 then configure a Route Pattern for the MVA pointing to this H.323

Under H.323 you create incoming voip dial-peers.

We dont have documentation for this setup, (It mentions it but not the complete configuration) Im working in a doc for that.

Give it a try and let us know if you have any issues.


Marwan ALshawi Fri, 09/05/2008 - 07:52


could you describe this senario in bit more details i found it interesting :)

thank you


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