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I have an Issue with a callmanager 5.x. The issue I have is that the customer wants to be able to dial a number and have callmanager figure out if it is a local or Long distance call. So example 905-316-1234 could be a local or ld call depending on where you are dialing from. There are two uses the customer has for this. One is a outbound dialer that just sends numbers to callmanager. The second is we have multi sites so a user on the west coast would dial this 905 number and it would go out a Toronto gateway. The gateway might not be able to process the call because the user will always dial "1" and the call could be local.

In Canada we have a bunch of these split area codes.. I can create route filters with office codes but there are about 900 in the 905 and they are not contiguos so wild cards will be an issue.

I am also concerned that if I build all these translations or route filters due to the number of them, will it have performance impacts on CM.

It is a sip gateway so I could use dial peers but same issue The number of dial peers could be hundreds.. I have 5 or 6 area codes that I would have to match on office codes.

Anyone had to do this before or any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Chris Deren Fri, 09/05/2008 - 05:53
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CallManager will do what you configure it to do. You can certinaly accomplish the above with correct configuration of route patterns/route lists/route groups. Are the calls going to be sent out different trunks when they're local vs LD?

There is no automated way, it will come down to the most efficient design.


Chris, thanks.. The issue I have is each area code that has a spilt in it and we have four up in Canada has at least 999 office codes.There are lots on no contiguos ranges so I would end up with route filters with hundreds of entries and that doesnt work. Translation patterns would end up in the hundreds so I am not sure that will work. callmanager needs to match in order to route so other than route filters and translation patterns which I do not believe is managable what else. Dial-peers same issues how do I support hundreds..

I am not sure what to do

Marwan ALshawi Tue, 09/09/2008 - 16:37
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u mean the same user dial this number from diffrent sites? is that mean thorugh extention mobility ?

could u please clearify it a bit more

i am genaraly thinking about multiple RP with access priviliges but if its extention mobility we could use diffrent way

So it is the case where a user that lives in Toronto has an area code 905 where in that area code there are areas that are long distance so 905-316-1234 maybe a local call but 905-316-2222 is a long distance call so depending on what number the user dials he may have to dial "1". So take that a step farther where we have sites across Canada So a user in Vancouver if he wanted to make a cal to the 905 area code would always dial "1" 905 if I route that call to go out a local Toronto gateway where 905 could be local or long distance the call will always have a 1 so a local call in the 905 area would fail.

Each area code that has a combination of local and long distance could have 999 office codes that are non-sequential so to build route filters with office codes is not likley the solution , build route patterns there are likely to be more than 200 for just 905 area code so what pther options do I have.

I hope this is clearer now.


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