How long did you study one module of CCNP track?

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Sep 6th, 2008

Hi, i just want some insights from all guys who finish CCNP on how long did they study the 4 exams considering that we have to work 8hours in a daily basis ?

and also how long per hour everyday you study books?

i just want to know so that i can manage my time well since i'm ready to start CCNP track now.

THankS in advance

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scottmac Sat, 09/06/2008 - 14:18

It's different for everyone.

Depending on your experience, your background, availability of equipment, even availability to people who network for a living ...

You study when you can, try some of the challenge tests, find live study groups, local users groups / study groups, take classes ... whatever resources you have access to, use 'em.

When you can routinely pass challenge tests with a high score, then take a shot at the real thing.

Some people do all four modules in months, some do one module a year ...time, motivation, and availability of resources are all variable.

Good Luck


jdash90ph Sat, 09/06/2008 - 15:09

ah ok i understand,

since i'm just starting out an entry level in my current job as a network support, maybe i need to maximize the 3years lifeline of my CCNA before deciding to go BSCI. well by that time i could probably study CCNP easy before my cert. expires.

Meanwhile ill just focus in Linux+SQL since its also my support.

Do you think my its a good idea ?

scottmac Sun, 09/07/2008 - 05:57

Well, *nix and SQL are good things to know: I'd also recommend a/some scripting languages like Perl or Python or shell scripting (especially for *nix). They can greatly improve your efficiency as an administrator of a database, platform, or network infrastructure.

I didn't mean to imply that you should park your CCNP studies for a few years. IMO, you should continue to study towards your CC?P and as you gain experience and gather more information, then start looking towards the certification tests.

Starting now / early takes a lot of the pressure off of getting the advanced certification. Less pressure tends to improve comprehension.

By studying a broader scope of materials, it's more likely that concepts not covered well in one book {website, video ...} will be covered in another, or other views of the same concept may solidify it in your memory or understanding.

Since you have the time, and you have other interests, try mixing the studies up a little .... when CC?P gets a little tiresome, then do some *nix, scripting, SQL ... something different and come back to it.

As I said before, it's different for everyone, and everyone learns differently; some can just study books, some need instructor-led sessions ... none are better than the others (except from maybe a cost perspective), just different.

Good Luck


jdash90ph Sun, 09/07/2008 - 06:34

thanks for the tip. Appreciated!

your right that sometimes when i focus on one studies, sometimes its kinda boring for me understand anymore, also when i'm not in the mood. maybe ill try to switch ways in learning any of those i want to specialize in the future.

Thanks again.

tony.salera Tue, 10/14/2008 - 05:47

I don't mean to "piggyback" on this thread here, but I'm also thinking of going for the CCNP. Here's my question: Do I have to pass 1 CCNP test or all 4 to keep my CCNA "active"?

Istvan_Rabai Tue, 10/14/2008 - 10:20

Hi Tony,

Any one CCNP level exam will recertify your CCNA certificate.




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