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Sep 9th, 2008

Im planning to advance to CCNP level this December but my CCNA will expire by November 09. Can i still take CCNP exams even if my CCNA expires? Any experience?

Cisco says in their CCNP certification page a "valid CCNA" is a prerequisite for CCNP but in their Recertification Page an option for recertification is to "Pass any Professional level exam bearing a 642 prefix" and "Advancing to the next level or recertifying at the Professional level automatically renews all related Associate level certifications"

Below are the links:



My plan is to take 642-901 BSCI exam early December. I dont want to cram instead i will attend a training to make sure i will pass.

I appreciate your help. Thanks so much!


I have this problem too.
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jcrussell Tue, 09/09/2008 - 04:48

Your second link clearly states:

"Individuals with an expired certification(s) must repeat the entire certification exam process in order to regain their certification(s)."

If your CCNA expires in November, then you must complete the CCNA again before the CCNP will be awarded. You can still take the CCNP exams, but you will not be a CCNP unless you have the CCNA as well.

jcrussell Tue, 09/09/2008 - 05:35

I misread your original post. I thought your CCNA expired in November of 2008, and you were going to take a CCNP test in December of 2008. Sorry about that.

My excuse is I had not had breakfast when I posted. Yeah.....that's it... :-)

rob.huffman Tue, 09/09/2008 - 04:53

Hi Richard,

Looks like you are in good shape here :)

Because your CCNA does not expire until November 2009 (I hope that's what you meant by "09") you have until that date to pass one single 642 - Level exam like the 642-901 BSCI you plan on completing this December (2008) to renew your CCNA for another 3 years. If your CCNA ever expires then the whole CCNA would have to be completed again so don't let that happen, passing a 642 - Level exam will NOT renew an expired CCNA. With each 642 - Level exam that you pass the CCNA will be extended another 3 years.

If by chance your reference was to November 9th, 2008 then you should strive to complete the 642-901 BSCI prior to that date.

Hope this helps, and makes sense!



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