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Sep 9th, 2008

I have an issue according to how to design ip adressing for my customer. This is the actual ip addressing :

- Server in paris : 172.16.1.XXX

- Server in ST-Ouen : 172.16.64.XXX

- WEB Server in Aubervilliers : 172.16.200.XXX

- Network device : 172.16.100.XXX

- Team : 172.16.5.XXX

- DHCP : 172.16.3.XXX - 172.16.4.XXX - 172.16.6.XXX - 172.16.7.XXX - 172.16.8.XXX - 172.16.9.XXX.

The client doesn't want to change ip adressing of server in two sites. And i want to know the best practices to design new ip segmentation with the requirements of the clients.

Thanks for your help

I have this problem too.
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The segmentation is easy - all servers can keep their current IP addresses - but you have to ask more specific questions of the cutsomer:-

1) how many servers per site

2) how many users per site

3) Are the servers & users in different vlans's/ip subnets

4) Do you have specific mgnt IP addresses for network management per site

5) Do you have specific team ip addresses for servers per site

You could easly subnet - using the above as an indication:-

Paris - - 1000 IP avail

St Ouen - - 1000 IP avail

Auvervillers - - 1000 IP avail

leaving plenty of room for expansion and new sites if nessary.



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