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Sep 9th, 2008

Is there anywhere where I can find what MIB number means what?

I am getting this information from our switch and don't know what I should look at....I checked the switch via show tech and did not see anything wrong

MIB for this device, a 6 is "

nFanStatusTable.ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanState.202 =


Does anyone no where I can get information on this?



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burleyman Tue, 09/09/2008 - 05:46

Thanks for the link it was great. I thought it was pretty evident as to what it was until I looked at the fans, all working, and then reviewed the output of show tech and saw nothing failed, so I thought it might be something else as I am pretty new to understanding MIB's and what goes to what.

Any ideas what could be causing this false reading?


yjdabear Tue, 09/09/2008 - 06:01

What does "show env status" say about the fan(s)?

It could be akin to link flapping. It may be back to working for now as a one-time anomaly, or a precursor to eventual permanent failure. I'd open a case with TAC so the next time it happens, there's proof of prior occurence to request an RMA.

burleyman Tue, 09/09/2008 - 06:32 is still reporting it as bad now and I see nothing wrong.


burleyman Tue, 09/09/2008 - 08:26

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanStatusDescr.11 = chassis-1

Chassis Fan Tray 1

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanStatusDescr.12 = chassis-1 Power

Supply 1 Fan

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanStatusDescr.13 = chassis-1 Power

Supply 2 Fan

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanStatusDescr.201 = chassis-2

Chassis Fan Tray 1

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanStatusDescr.202 = chassis-2

Power Supply 1 Fan

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanStatusDescr.203 = chassis-2

Power Supply 2 Fan

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanState.11 = normal(1)

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanState.12 = normal(1)

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanState.13 = normal(1)

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanState.201 = normal(1)

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanState.202 = notFunctioning(6)

ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry.ciscoEnvMonFanState.203 = notFunctioning(6)

But I look at the Power supply fans and they are working.


burleyman Mon, 09/15/2008 - 04:19

We have found the issue stems from IOS bug CSCso57334:

CSCso57334 Bug Details

wrong ciscoEnvMonSupplyState and ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry in VSS


SNMP: ciscoEnvMonSupplyState and ciscoEnvMonFanStatusEntry return wrong

value in VSS setup after removing PS


Removal of a Power Supply (PS); only affecting VSS setup, not


Cisco has stated a bug fix will be in release 12.2(33)SXI which is

stated to go live in November.

Thanks for everyones help.



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