Giuseppe Larosa Wed, 09/10/2008 - 09:20
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Hello Vinoth,

ip accounting provides statistics at the flow level with source ip address and destination ip address, number of packets, number of bytes.

It can be useful when you see an abnormal bandwidth usage on a branch office with the WAN link saturated.

In these cases we enable it to understand what is happening

two possible common cases are:

a PC with peer to peer sw on it not well configured that is using too much bandwidth.

another case we had was an automatic Windows update service that was trying to download Win XP service pack 3 in several pcs of the branch site.

in the first case we isolate the pc from network because peer-to-peer is not allowed on the company network (company police)

in the second case we tried to police or shape and we contacted the collegues of the group to have this kind of automatic update disabled.

If you have a working netflow setup with collector servers and post analysis tools you don't need to use ip accounting.

Hope to help



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