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Sep 10th, 2008
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I have a MPLS VPN scenario which CE router is advertising one prefix with RT extcommunity:


route-map RT_OUT_FROM_CE permit 10

match ip address prefix-list RT_OUT_FROM_CE

set extcommunity rt 323:323


This prefix is arriving in the PE router with this RT OK.

Now, I would like to IMPORT this RT 323:323 in a diferent VPF/VPN using this configuration


ip vrf TEST

route-target import 323:323


Note: This prefix does not belong the TEST VRF, it belongs to another VRF.

The import function is not work properly. My question is, is this import way correct? Or do I need to do a diferent configuration?



Correct Answer by Harold Ritter about 8 years 9 months ago


This is unfortunately not supported. You could achieve the same though using an export map on the PE.


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Harold Ritter Wed, 09/10/2008 - 16:22
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This is unfortunately not supported. You could achieve the same though using an export map on the PE.


cassio.gomes Wed, 09/10/2008 - 16:37
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Thanks for your replay. I solved the problem using export map in the PE router, but I would like to use only CE router to handle this routing, but OK.

Many thanks,


rdechavez Thu, 10/30/2008 - 13:25
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hi hritter,

Is there another way of filtering the routes you want to get imported into a vrf because the 'route-target export' and 'route-target import' imports all the routes tagged with the given asn:xx'. I wanted to have only selected routes imported from one vrf to another. Does filtering makes sense at vrf-vrf level?

How and where do you use vrf 'import map' command?



Harold Ritter Thu, 10/30/2008 - 13:40
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  • Cisco Employee,


It does make a lot of sense indeed to selectively import/export routes between VRFs in an Extranet scenario. Import and export maps are especially designed to fulfill this requirement.


tarjbains Tue, 11/11/2008 - 13:44
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my freind i have one Q. for MPLS TE. i m using 3660 router for MPLS TE on dayanagen simulater. in this lab there is 5 routers with 512 kbp RSVP on each interface all router with MPLS TE. configure are as->

R1 /0 ---R2 /0

R2 ==== R3 have Two interfaces s1/1 and s1/3

R2 /2-----R5 /2 interface connection

R3 ---- R5 int connection

R3 ---- R4 tunnel to R4 from R1,R2 with 300kb each

tunnel1 on R1 to R4 with 300kb rsvp TE

tunnel2 on R1 to R3 with 50kb rsvp TE

tunnel1 on R2 to R4 with 300kb rsvp TE

diagram like that below (ignore ..dots)




i created tunnels from R1----> R4 with 300Kb.

second R1---->R5 with 50Kbp tunnel


on R2---->R4 tunnel with 300kbp.

PROBLEM IS when R1 tunnel go via R2 to R4 it takes s1/1 interface with 300rsvp. means for R2 tunnel should find next interface for same destination R4 becaused there is not enough space.On one of remaining on interfaces on R2 s1/3 or S1/2 but R2-->R4 tunnel remain down. when i down R1---R4 tunnel R2--R4 tunnel comes up on same interface. NOW when i up R2 tunnel first and later R1. then same thing again R1 down and wait for R2 tunnel to go down.then up on same interface. if u see there is still two path r free to go R4 on R2

1. R2 s1/3 ----> s1/3 of R3

2. R2 s1/2 ---->s1/2 of R5 with both 512 kb RSVP

there is using R2 s1/1 for tunnel

why not with help of CSPF it takes other path when 512 link is also free on R2 router to same destination??? its on dyanamips is it can problem with simulater.

it means that on R2 using SPF path for R4 for both tunnel and not trying to find other CSPF path thats why my two interfaces are free with 512kbp RSVP on same router R2. why not CSPF using other remaining path. and down one of tunnel because of there is no space on tht s1/1 interface........



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