Termination of all bandwith on one gigabit ethernet port

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Sep 11th, 2008

I am getting 8 Mbps of Internet bandwidth from Service Provider throuth 4 e1 ports and I have Cisco 2821 Router with 4 E1 ports and built-in 2 ports giga bit Ethernet. I want that all my bandwidth (8 Mbps) should terminate on my one gigabit Ethernet card. Please tell me how can I do this and also mention any cisco url for reference configuration.

I have this problem too.
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Giuseppe Larosa Thu, 09/11/2008 - 08:17

Hello Muhammad, if you want to use a GE as WAN link your only choice is to ask to your service provider an access link that uses Ethernet technology.

They can use any form of EoMPLS and so on but without this change you cannot use the GE in place of the 4 E1 because that are WAN interfaces that are different at OSI layer 2: the frames are different than those that travel on ethernet, FE or GE links

Hope to help


Giuseppe Larosa Thu, 09/11/2008 - 09:00

Hello Muhammad,

I have probably misunderstood your question.

What do you want to do ?

a) have a GE used as a WAN interface instead of the 4 E1 : you need to contact the service provider as explained in my first post no PBR can help here.

b) you want that all your traffic that arrives on the 4 E1 is routed out one GE: this can happen with standard destination based routing, or as you suggest you may need PBR to force the outgoing interface for traffic that would be sent out the other GE.

If you may clarify your requirements in order to get better help.

Hope to help


m_aurangzeb Thu, 09/11/2008 - 11:25

Dear Sir,

I am getting 8 mb of internet bandwidth from my 4 e1 ports(2 mb on each port) and i want to share this incoming bandwidth to my LAN thats why i want to terminate it on one gigabit ethernet interface. in your b) para you understood rightly. you are saying i can do it through policy based routing.

Giuseppe Larosa Thu, 09/11/2008 - 12:19

Dear Muhammad,

it is likely that you can get this by just using normal routing : are you using the second GE or not ?

If all of your internal network is reachable via a single GE that is the normal router job: and you may need NAT to be able to go to the internet if you are using private RFC 1918 addresses but PBR is not required in this case.

I would use the term route to internal LAN instead of terminate bandwidth on GE it is more used for this meaning.

Hope to help


m_aurangzeb Thu, 09/11/2008 - 17:23

Dear Giuseppe,

actually i have 8 mbps and i want to terminate 4 mbps(internet bandwith from 2 e1 port) bandwidth on one GE port and other 4 mbps(bandwith from 2 e1 port) on other GE. In this case what should i do.


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