Tunnel public traffic over a private wan link DR Scenario

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Sep 11th, 2008

Site A

Public internet router (x.x.x.x) goes to firewall public facing hosts static nated through firewall on dmz interface.

Connected to Site B with WAN link separate router.

Site B

Public internet router (y.y.y.y) goes to firewall. Site only used for outbound internet access. Connected to Site A with WAN Link separate router.

Can I do the following.

Connect Site A public router to Site A WAN router. Connect Site B public router to Site B WAN router. "Tunnel" BGP rerouted x.x.x.x traffic from Site B to the Site A public router.

This is in the event that Site A loses internet and x.x.x.x network fails over to site B. Assuming Site A is perfect other than internet I would like to know if this is doable. The idea is that I need the traffic to show up clean on Site A outside firewall interface just as if it originated from the Site A public router. It of course would have to use the tunnel on the way back as well for ther return traffic or outbound traffic originating from Site A. Thanks a bunch.

I have this problem too.
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