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We have ICM 6.0 with Queue Manager 3.5.

We have many queues with many scripts and some queues handle as many as 80 campaigns. We have switch steps detecting the DNIS and assigning the corresponding welcome prompt depending on the campaign and I want to move away from this setup since makes difficult to maintain as we recycle numbers quite often.

I'm currently in the process of creating XML files containing data such as the welcome prompt and the campaign name and replacing the switch steps in the scripts with XML steps to query and return corresponding welcome prompt and campaign name. I'm planing to have at least 2 XML files, one for each business unit. So far I've done it for one of the business units which only has 50 DIDs--thus 50 XML records--and it works pretty good. I now plan to start on the other business unit which is about 280 DIDs.

This is what I have in the XML files:







<DNIS>...etc.(My current XML file has about 50 of these and the other will have about 300)



Is there a limit as to how many records should I have on those XML files?

Is there a recommended efficiency size?

Is anybody doing something like this and how many records?

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Mike-1985 Thu, 09/18/2008 - 07:00
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I don't think there is a maximum of allowed XML items (let's call it that way).

It may take a bit longer to process the xml file. The best thing you can do is to generate some demo xml files with fake data, just to check the processing time.

You could make different xml files for example with 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 items within. You can test te processing time using the Debug option in the Editor or for example playing a sound before processing and when finished.

Do you understand?

The only limitation might me system memory or some maximum process time(out).

Hope this is useful.

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Not yet but I will have to do it like that.

Today I'm going to start building the bigger XML file but I'll do it gradually. I'll start with ~ 80 elements and then increase in segments of about 25 or so; I'll have to keep an eye out for any noticeable delays/slow downs/memory usage.

Thanks for your help.

Mike-1985 Fri, 09/19/2008 - 05:30
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You probably won't find any performance differences when increasing with 25 items. You could try, but I think that there will be some differences when increasing with more then a couple of 100.

Let me know what your results were :)


So far I have 3 XML files feeding QM scripts. 1 XML file with ~70 items for one business unit, another with ~210 items for the other business unit and 1 with 28 items for our dialer campaigns; I haven't seen any impact on performance/CPU spikes...it's looking good!

My XML elements look something like this:







I'll keep an I on it for the next couple of days but I feel much comfortable now that I see no signs of burdening the server's performance.

I'll keep you posted


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