Giuseppe Larosa Sat, 09/13/2008 - 04:12
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Hello Vinoth,

the CCO usually provides documentation in HTML or Acrobate pdf format.

From Cisco home page use the following link:


you need to make a choice in a page that is organized in three columns:




after you make a choice in the leftmost column the page is refreshed and the appropriate list of sub-categories is shown.

After you make a choice in the middle column again the page is refreshed and you are asked to choice a product.

To choice you need to click with the left mouse button.

A new page is displayed.

For example:

category = IOS

sub-category = 12.4

product = 12.4 mainline

a page for 12.4 is shown

to be seen:

configuration guides:

provides info about topics:

example: MPLS

click configuration guide and then MPLS

command references : list the commands with all options and a little example

Hope to help


scottmac Sat, 09/13/2008 - 06:27
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The online Cisco store on the main site has (had?) DVDs of the complete documentation set (as of the publish date of the DVD, of course).

Nothing in PowerPoint, all PDF. You can copy & paste (within the copyright limitations) from PDF to PP if you need to.

Good Luck



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