IPv4 No guarantee of routability

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Sep 14th, 2008

Dear NP:

I just want to get your opinion when APNIC says:


1. The address range assigned to your organisation is portable

If you change transit providers, the address range remains with

your organisation.

2. This assignment cannot be further sub-delegated to your customers

This is for your infrastructure only.

3. No guarantee of routability

APNIC cannot guarantee that any address space will be globally


Specially the Item # 3:

"No guarantee of routability

APNIC cannot guarantee that any address space will be globally routable."

What does that mean? I got a new /23 block of IP addresses but can only access limited sites and not all. Is it really in the routability?

I appreciate your response.

Thank you.


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Danilo Dy Mon, 09/15/2008 - 00:46

1. Yes it is portable, because it is delegated to you by an RIR (not sub-delegated by an ISP or LIR). You can choose any ISP to advertise this.

2. You requested an IP Address for infrastructure use. Therefore you can't sub-delegate this.

3. Advertisement of the IP Address to the internet world depends in you and your partners (ISP peers) and how you do your business. The other side of the internet world may block your IP Address. This is way of saying, hey I give you IP Address but if some part of the world block your IP Address (i.e. some country may block it for political reason), don't come back to me and complain.

jeffrey_wolak Thu, 09/18/2008 - 13:18

The "no guarantee" is there to let you know that APNIC won't be responsible for any problems you have with routability due to your ISP or any other entity. They just don't want people contacting them to mediate disputes or troubleshoot problems with ISPs.

That said if you are experiencing some sort of routing issue, you need to troubleshoot and work with your ISP to make sure your /23 is being advertised correctly.


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