Whisper tones with ICM 7.1(4), CCM 4.1(3), and CVP 4.0(1)...Possible?

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Hello All,

I've done a little bit of digging through the forum and didn't find anything completely on target so here is my question.

Is there any capability out of the box (or with some configuration given the currently installed components) with ICM 7.1(4), CCM 4.1(3) and CVP 4.0(1) to provide whisper tones to agents using either the Siebel desktop or CTIOS?

The situation we have is that we are bringing in some new agents on the CCM and terminating an outsourcing agreement with a company. That current outsourcer uses an Avaya with a PG pair connected to our ICM but all the business logic of selecting agents and playing them whisper tones is in that Avaya.

Can that same goal be accomplished with CCM and the other components we have in place today? If not, what options are out there? 3rd party applications or custom coding in the CTIOS desktop?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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At Networkers 2007, Willem Nijenhuis of Cisco did a presentation on a couple of applications like Virtual Queue and Callback, Agent Greeting and Whisper Announcements. These are not out of the box at all, but an outline on how they can be built was offered.

Whisper is not a standard feature. Custom solutions have been built with CTI Toolkit and CAD. When an IP phone is used, a mixing headset is required to mix the whisper announcement with the phone audio.

I've never done this, but I did go to the presentation BRKCCT-2020, and I have the slides.

There is a white paper - you need your CCO login.





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