daemon_sid Thu, 09/18/2008 - 21:19
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I want to query database if a caller hang up.

From webview statistic i now how many calls hang up while in IVR( different calltype for queue on agents).

david.macias Thu, 09/18/2008 - 22:11
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Probably not since the CRA scripts are launched and stepped through by a call. So once a call ends the script stops. You might be able to get all this data out of the TCD table without having to do any IVR scripting change.


daemon_sid Fri, 09/19/2008 - 01:08
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I can set icm variables while cra script is going ,but if caller just hang up without going through End step at the end of a script, this data not shown in Termination_Call_Detail table in HDS.

My apologies I'm still not clear on what you want to do. I just want to be cleared because it could also help me. I'm new to ipcc enterprise but not to scripting; we also have icm 6 with cra 3.5.


1. Do you want the IVR script to trigger a database query when a call ends?


2. Do you want the ICM script to trigger a database query when a call ends?


3. You, manually, want to query a database to see what calls hang up while in IVR?


4. You want certain ICM peripheral variables to get populated the moment a call hangs up in IVR?


daemon_sid Wed, 09/24/2008 - 02:30
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I want the IVR script to trigger a database query when a call ends. ( 1 option )

I need it to get statistics about quantity of inquiries to each point of ivr srcipt.

What we do is, we call a URL after certain points in the IVR script so we can register those. For instance, we have a scripts that asks callers if they want documentation sent to them and right after they choose 1 or 2 (yes or no) we call a URL and pass parameters with the value 1 or 2 (yes or no). The URL points to an ASP page which in turn writes to an Oracle table. We have others that write it to a txt file but it basically the same thing.

We don't have the database read feature on our version of IVR or ICM 6 so we have to do it that way.

Passing it to the ICM script will not work since, like you said, that happens once it ends and not before.

I hope this help.


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