7936 - Unable to contact TFTP server

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Sep 18th, 2008
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I have a 7936 polycom that is displaying the error message "Cannot contact tftp server". I have reset to factory defaults, verified that it is not connected to a trunked switch port, and connected it to a known working power supply/switchport that another 7936 is working from. Only difference between two phones is firmware load versions.

Working 7936 app load = 7936.3-3-14-0 rev 16

Non-working 7936 app load = 7936.3-3-2-0 rev 14

- I can ping all tftp servers in UCCM cluster from this phone, but firmware upgrade does not work due to tftp contact failure

Is it necessary to manually upgrade firmware before tftp server(s) can be contacted? ..if so, is manual upgrade possible via bypass of the tftp service on an ip phone?

Any suggestions would be most helpful and I rate all posts!! :-)

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jcmartain Fri, 09/19/2008 - 09:45
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Is your 7936 IP Phone loading your TFTP IP server through your dhcp server?

ckltd7401 Fri, 09/19/2008 - 09:53
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Yes, the phone picks up an IP within the correct VLAN from DHCP successfully and references all the correct TFTP servers in the correct order as it tries to connect. Pings are successful in both directions to and from the phone/servers.

Strange right??

jcmartain Fri, 09/19/2008 - 12:46
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Does your IP phone in the same subnet or Vlan as the call manager?

Do you have any firewall that is blocking the tftp port?

Is the IP addres of the Call Manager 1 in 7936 the same as the Call Manager?

ckltd7401 Fri, 09/19/2008 - 13:25
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- Yes it is in the same VLAN as the Call Mgr

- No firewall ports blocking communication to the TFTP servers

- 7936 is in the same VLAN as the Call Managers

Remember, I plugged this 7936 phone into the same port as another known working 7936 and still received TFTP communication error. I can also ping all TFTP/Call Mgr servers from this phone.

I'm really thinking that it's got to be a hardware issue with the phone. All symptoms point to that, so I opened a TAC on it this afternoon and they stated that they will simply issue an RMA for replacement. Thanks for all posted replies on this matter.

jcmartain Fri, 09/19/2008 - 13:34
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Ok, and good luck with the new IP Phone.

Some times it happens, =)

apishko Thu, 09/25/2008 - 10:30
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Have you double checked that the phone is built in UCM with the correct MAC address? I've noticed in my environment that the 7936's will give that error rather than "registration rejected". Something simple but may save you an RMA.

ckltd7401 Fri, 02/06/2009 - 08:20
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Just wanted to follow-up on this and extend a thank you for all that responded to this thread...I was able to resolve my issue by deleting the 7936 from UCCM and manually creating the phone object. For some reason, the auto-registration would fail, but worked fine after manually recreating. I believe that this has something to do with the TFTP config files not being created on the subscribers during the auto-registration process which seems to have caused the registration reject. Also, I had to make sure that the "Build CNF Files" setting under Service Parameter Configuration | Clusterwide Parameters was set to "Build Selective".

fakhroel Mon, 02/09/2009 - 06:17
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It may be a firmware corruption. You have to RMA


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