kluu_ironport Thu, 09/18/2008 - 21:02
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Here is a great link to an article that elaborates on how UAT works for those not familiar with it.


Obviously every company/organization will have their own way of evaluating if a product meets the expectations and requirements and how they wish to evaluate it and how long should the proof of concept be.

I would suggest that you ping/send an email to your sales representative or systems/sales engineer that helped install the IronPort appliance about this inquiry. As they're intefacing and out in the field with a lot of customers, I'm sure they get asked this a lot and they probably can suggest a systematic and thorough UAT format.

Good luck.



Anyone who has a UAT for clients? any format?

Or are there any standard for this UAT thing..

would be great if ironport can provide as such ..



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