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Sep 19th, 2008

Is there any chance to configure 2 and more switches in the same time? I mean, not to log in to every switch to perform a command, but automaticaly perform the same command on a number of switches? Any software?

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by nathan.haley about 8 years 1 month ago

Kiwi Cat Tools will do this as well. you have to be careful that the commands are accepted in all devices sent to

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Giuseppe Larosa Fri, 09/19/2008 - 02:58

Hello Fuad,

you can automate L2 VLans creation with VTP protocol using a VTP server switch.

For all other aspects the switch need to be accessed individually.

You can prepare configuration templates for trunk ports for example and you can copy and paste over multiple telnet sessions to configure trunk ports on multiple switches.

Hope to help


fgasimzade Fri, 09/19/2008 - 03:10

Any automated software? As far as I know there is a specific software for configuration backup on switches and routers. It logs in to switches one by one and back ups configuration. And I wonder if there is s software for automated configuration as well

glen.grant Fri, 09/19/2008 - 03:20

No because if you think about it the switch has no ip address right out of the box so it is not accessible. Even if you were loading off a server somewhere you would still have to go in and point it to the address where the server is .

fgasimzade Fri, 09/19/2008 - 03:39

No, no..

Imagine, you have switches already configured. Now you need to add a command to all these switches, in my case ip tacacs source-interface

I have to log in to every switch one by one to add this command? What if I don not wish to manually configure every of my 50 switches? Is there any software to perform this?

glen.grant Fri, 09/19/2008 - 08:09

Correct ciscoworks will do this . There are other tools out there like Solarwinds which will also do this , haven't seen any freeware that will do mass updates like that.

alanstiver Fri, 09/19/2008 - 06:15

You can easily configure multiple switches at the same time using Ciscoworks. Alternatively, if your have a terminal emulator software has scripting capability, you could set up a script which would log into each device, apply the config changes, save them, and log out.

Correct Answer
nathan.haley Fri, 09/19/2008 - 08:38

Kiwi Cat Tools will do this as well. you have to be careful that the commands are accepted in all devices sent to


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