LMS 3.x or 2.6: how to synchronize two instances?

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Sep 19th, 2008
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Hi folks!

my customer need to synchronize the DB of two istances of LMS 2.6.

I see under the user guide, that there is the DCR Master/Slave functionality.

But both my istances have to be master, and I need to have only one point where to insert the devices, creating groups, ecc.

Can DCR Master/Slave do this?

If I create a device group under RME or DFM on Master server, I can see it under the RME or DFM Slave server.

If the Master goes down, can I access to the DCR Slave server and the Slave server comes to be master ?

Thanks a lot!


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I have something very similar implemented, but its on the larger side, being LMS 3.1 10,000. I have two clusters of LMS 3.1 , two masters and 3 slaves each. You can keep the inventories in sync external to the application using the dcrcli to export from each master and import to the other on a regular basis. Its your choice if you want to use the imported data or the existing data.

You cannot "sync" the group membership rules, but you can cut and paste the rules.

You'll need to re-read the documentation again on the Master slave relationship, because unless you promote a slave to stand alone or master its still a slave. A slave isolated from its master is still a slave. It will use the information in its local DCR copy and local databases until it regains communication with its master. The applications will continue to run using the information they already have so your campus instances will continue to poll, user and host aquistions run, and RME collect configs / inventories, watch syslogs and trap if they are not on the master.

The access rules you define will determine the global reachability of your slave servers in the event of a master down or failure. If you employ SSO, only those accounts that you have configured for local account fallback will be accessable.

leorob123 Fri, 09/19/2008 - 04:32
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Thanks Akemp!

How do you synchornize both master?

Only via dcrcli?

So... if the master goes down, I have to put in "standalone" mode the slave, in order to have access at the DCR in read/write mode. is it correct?

On both servers

dcrcli -u (username with global privileges)


exp fn=(path/filename.csv) ft=csv

(script the file move between servers using the OS)

impFile fn=(path/filename) ft=csv cr=( depending if you want it to overwrite choose file, if not use dcr)

You will probably want to chose one of your masters to use as the authoritative source and have it import cr= dcr and the other import cr=file.

If the master goes down don't worry about it, it will re-synchronize with the slaves when it comes back up.


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