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Sep 22nd, 2008

Hi all, As posted in a previous post, In october, I have a short presentation on the changes of my lan and future upgrades.

I have done a power point doc with about 14 slides, the have about 4 bullet points each, the things im mentioning, are, that we have changed all ip addresses to RFC1918 on our lan, implemented vlan routing, documented the lan. The other thing im talking about is the new distribution layer and fibre upgrade we are having. The only thing is I dont know what to say about the RFC1918 and vlan segmenting we have done, I.e what should I say about it? I dont just want to read from a bullet point!

Also my nerves are getting the better of me on this, I dont know how to handle them!! There will be around 20-25 people there, I.T managers and colleagues.

hope someone can help



I have this problem too.
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paul.matthews Mon, 09/22/2008 - 08:30

Simply say why it was done, and how it has improved reliability/performance of the network.

RFC 1918 addressing is often used to allow comfortable design of addressing schemes, amking sure there is adequate space for organised expansion.

As the addressing is private, it cannot be advertised via the internet, which means most devices within the network cannot be directly addressed from the internet improving security.

VLAN segmentation reduces the size of the broadcast domain, put simply that means any broadcast packets (eg ARP requests) can only be seen by a much smaller selection of devices reducing the load onend systems. It also allows much more in the way of security - which VLANs are allowed to talk to each other, which devices even. It also meansthat if a user brings in a virus infected PC it is much easier to contain the effect.

Hop that helps for a start.



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