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I am starting a pilot on Version 4.1.1a.10 and have 15 sites.

A small site w/ T1 has a majority of the bandwidth being consumed guessed it HTTP web traffic! So, The question is

If I deploy an Core WAE in my DC at the inside of the "Surf" firewall, Will the user behind the Edge WAE in the branch really feel the benefits when browsing internet sites? Does this new Feature in 4.1 attempt to mitigate in some small way the need for caching servers? Connection reuse is a major component here but how well will this function on a HTTP site outside of the Data Canter?

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Most of the discussion for HTTP acceleration has been for internal HTTP sites.

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Zach Seils Tue, 09/23/2008 - 20:00
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The WAAS 4.1 release should improve the user experience by negating some of the bandwidth/latency impact across your internal WAN. This would work in conjunction with any caching capabilities you have deployed at the Internet edge.



So, My interpretation of that statement is yes a little bit. It will reduce the latency between the internet Access point and the customer LAN. but what about connection reuse for internet sites? If the remote site goes to Facebook every day ( for busness use lets say) will a core WAE optimize(reduce latency) and use DRE cacheing techniqes to improve performance to that site.

Zach Seils Fri, 09/26/2008 - 20:15
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It will improve performance to the extent that the link between the Internet access point and the remote site contributes to the overall user performance.



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