sachinga.hcl Tue, 09/23/2008 - 08:59
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Hi Jamie,

You can use Cisco Content Engine running ACNS software as Cisco Content Engines (CE) are an essential piece of an Internet Content Delivery ... content from multiple origin locations or proxy caching of content..Use Cisco Systems CE-590-ICDN and CE-7320-ICDN or you can just refer cisco conent engines.

I am presently working in a europe huge telecom company and we use several dozenz of content engines for fast delivery of content and we also have associated these content engines with websense for url filtering as well.

The Cisco Content Services Switch (CSS) series can support smart proxy and transparent caching. The Cisco Content Services Switch can also support Web acceleration through intelligent reverse-proxy caching. There are several balancing methods available, which depend on how you like to distribute data over the caches (for example, whole URL, URL string, whole domain name, domain string, and so on). The Cisco Content Services Switch automatically builds a list of known cacheable objects. It is possible for the list to be modified, but much of the work is reduced.

Kindly ask me if you are not clear with any thing.

It will be of great honour if I can be part of any further assistance.

Sachin Garg

Senior Specialist Security

HCL Comnet Ltd.

jamie.honeycutt Tue, 09/23/2008 - 09:04
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Thanks for the reply. Can you recommend some Cisco or other cache servers I can use to with reverse-proxy caching? I understand the CSS doesn't do onboard caching.

sachinga.hcl Tue, 09/23/2008 - 09:16
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we use cisco content engines for reverse proxy.

CSS is for load balancing and ce are for cahing.

You can use BIG-IP or F5 or Alteon servers but cisco content delivery network devices (CDN)

You need to configure a Reverse Proxy with a Cisco Cache Engine. I can do this in two ways. In one hand I can use a level 3 device (Cisco router or Catalyst Switch 3550) that speaks WCCP. In the other hand, I can use a level 4 device (a Cisco Content Service Switch, CSS).

for Configuring the CSS and Cache Engine for Reverse-Proxy Caching kindly refer following document:

Kindly be in touch for any further queries.

Sachin Garg


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