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Sep 24th, 2008

guys can someone please share there experience with me.....i am going to appear in CCIE R&S lab in three months time i have few questions if someone please answer it.

in lab exam will i get a lab digaram??? if yes how many???? secondly all devices are configured (like basic ip address and FR) will i get a copy of configs (like in which all device configs would be written)????or do we have to check it our self.......thirdly howmuch time is exam allow??? can we get any breaks in exam???? Thanks guys and i hope someone will share his exp with me thanks a million

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compsolv Wed, 09/24/2008 - 06:43

In the lab exam you will be provided with several diagrams documenting your topologies. You should expect at times for tasks to instruct you to configure your topology "per the diagram provided". We often recommend that you re-diagram as necessary or create your own diagrams if you feel that will help you. Blank paper and pencils are provided for this purpose.

There will be many configurations already in place on your equipment. You may copy these configs to notepad during the exam, but you cannot leave the exam with them :-)

You are given 8 hours for the lab, and you are provided a 30 minute lunch break.

Please feel free to unicast me with further questions if you like.

Anthony J. Sequeira, CCIE #15626, CCSI #23251

Senior CCIE Instructor

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