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Sep 24th, 2008
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Hi: I posted this conversation in the developer forum, but I can see it, so, I post again here.

CVP Call server 4.0.2

ICM 7.2

Comprehensive Call Flow


I don't have the license for the VXML Server yet, so, I decide to implement my own VXML Server. I set the Run External Script node on ICM to hit my Internet Information Server, then, my web server has to return a VXML Document (exactly as the VXML Server do)


1) I would need a sniplet of VXML Document generated when you invoke the VXML Server from the ICM Script using the Run External Script node.

In the VXML Studio I know you have to start with a Subdialog_Start and end with a Subdialog_Return. Well, I need the VXML document generated by these steps.

2) I tested return from my web server the following XML.

(Monitoring the script on the ICM it has no return error, but it does not go to the following node. I suppose because it does not have the subdialog return code.

I love if someone can tell me how to modify this XML to makes it work.)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

<vxml version="2.0">

<form id="CustomerVXML" scope="dialog">


<prompt bargein="true">

<audio src="" />



<catch event="error.badfetch">

<return event="error.badfetch"/>


<catch event="error.semantic">

<return event="error.semantic"/>


<catch event = "error.unsupported.format">

<return event="error.unsupported.format"/>


<catch event = "error.unsupported.element">

<return event="error.unsupported.element"/>


<catch event="telephone.disconnect.hangup">

<return event="telephone.disconnect.hangup"/>


<catch event="error">

<return event="error"/>







thank you in advance,


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