thblake07 Fri, 10/03/2008 - 03:48
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had the same problem. Installed 12.2(46)SE and was able to enter the option...unfortunately the DHCP Server doesn't seem to send option 67 or 66.



ip dhcp pool DATA





option 43 hex 3a02.00c8.ff


ip dhcp pool VOICE





option 66 ip

option 43 hex 616c.6361.7465.6c2e.6e6f.652e.30

option 67 ascii "lanpbx.cfg"


Here is a capture from one of the dhcp packets:

Frame 198 (342 bytes on wire, 342 bytes captured)

Ethernet II, Src: Cisco_01:cd:c2 (00:1f:27:01:cd:c2), Dst: AlcatelB_78:75:8b (00:80:9f:78:75:8b)

Internet Protocol, Src: (, Dst: (

User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: bootps (67), Dst Port: bootpc (68)

Source port: bootps (67)

Destination port: bootpc (68)

Length: 308

Checksum: 0x3c47 [correct]

Bootstrap Protocol

Message type: Boot Reply (2)

Hardware type: Ethernet

Hardware address length: 6

Hops: 0

Transaction ID: 0x72c3097a

Seconds elapsed: 0

Bootp flags: 0x0000 (Unicast)

Client IP address: (

Your (client) IP address: (

Next server IP address: (

Relay agent IP address: (

Client MAC address: AlcatelB_78:75:8b (00:80:9f:78:75:8b)

Server host name not given

Boot file name not given

Magic cookie: (OK)

Option: (t=53,l=1) DHCP Message Type = DHCP ACK

Option: (t=54,l=4) Server Identifier =

Option: (t=51,l=4) IP Address Lease Time = 1 day

Option: (t=58,l=4) Renewal Time Value = 12 hours

Option: (t=59,l=4) Rebinding Time Value = 21 hours

Option: (t=1,l=4) Subnet Mask =

Option: (t=3,l=4) Router =

Option: (t=43,l=13) Vendor-Specific Information

End Option


Why don't I see Option 66 or 67?

Cheers Tom


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