Prefix a 9 to outgoing calls by analog device

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Sep 27th, 2008
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I have a system where the analog device does not prefix a 9 in the dial string. It dials out using an fxs port on a UC520(CME) 'box'.

The UC520(CME) is configured to require a 9 for outgoing calls. I tried the following so that the voice port would tack on a 9 to the digits but it didn't work:

voice translation-rule 2

rule 1 // /9/

voice translation-profile fax3out

translate called 2

voice-port 0/0/2

translation-profile outgoing fax3out

Does anybody know how I can solve this problem?

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Marwan ALshawi Sun, 09/28/2008 - 02:09
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try to make the transaltion as following

voice translation-rule 3

rule 1 /\.*/ /9\1/

voice translation-profile fax3out2

translate called 3

voice-port 0/0/2

translation-profile outgoing fax3out2

and this is the virifications for the trnaslation-rule 3

Router#test voice translation-rule 3 123456

Matched with rule 1

Original number: 123456 Translated number: 9123456

the orginal number was 123456

the translated number is 9123456

if the translation wont work u could make a dial-peer that take the call from the fxs and prefix 9 then other dial-peer can handl it

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and let me know after u try it

aciscolook Sun, 09/28/2008 - 23:18
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Thanks for the recommendation. I will try this next chance i get.

I'm just curious why this would work and not the one I had used since the results of the test voice-translation-rule are the same. That's why I have a feeling it won't work.

Your second suggestion seems more interesting....can you spell out an example configuration to do this....if you get a chance.

I appreciate your help.

Marwan ALshawi Mon, 09/29/2008 - 03:17
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try the following

i will combine COR list with trnaslation pattren

first the cor list wil make the FXS only have a ccess to a spicific dial-peer that will take the call and then prefix 9 to it

dial-peer cor list FXO-access

member FXO1

dial-peer cor list fxs1

member FXO1

dial-peer voice 9 pots

destination-pattren 9T

port 0/0/1

this one was for outisde calls thorugh ur FXO

now lets make the FXS config

dial-peer voice 91 pots

destination-pattren 1100

corlist incoming fxs1

port 0/1/0

this one configured the fxs port for phone number as 1100 and incoming cor as fx1 created above and this cor list have access to a cor list on the outgoing direction called FXO-access created above as well

dial-peer voice 93 voip

distination-pattren [the called number from fxs u wanna match]

corlist outgoing FXO-access

prefix 9

this one will take the call from the fxs prefix nine after that the final number should match the destination-pattren 9T and exit the the FXO

try it and let me know if worked

good luck

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