Riccardo Bua Tue, 09/30/2008 - 05:39
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Hi Chad,

for 3.1 it should be based on what you configured for the Apps server in the port group, pay as you use.

For 4.0 it depends on how you configured your studio licenses, you should have a PO info on it.



Chad Stachowicz Tue, 09/30/2008 - 05:41
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I don't have any info, and I want to be sure, obviously they could have misconfigured the port's, or I could have lost the PO. There isn't some debug or trace or log file to look in?


If I recall correctly, it's easy in CVP 3.1. Stop the CVP VXML Service. Start CVP VXML from the command line (in Tomcat bin use startup.bat) and look at the window - it will say how many ports you own. Stop it with shutdown.bat then go back to your service. You can probably see this info in Tomcat\logs\stdout logs.

Call Server licence files are readable.

In CVP 4.0 it's a little harder as Cisco decided that they don't want you starting Audium Call Services from the command line, mainly because of the Ops Console. If you try startup.bat it will complain about your Java environment variables. You can fix this, but you need to know your business.

But Tomcat is probably writing the info somewhere. Just a second ... mmm, the stdout files in C:\Cisco\CVP\VXMLServer\Tomcat\logs do show the startup stuff, but the port count is not there. Sometimes I wonder why they change things.



david.macias Wed, 10/01/2008 - 08:55
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It's called job security.



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