ACE: design/config question: trans.slb + slb + mngt

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Could this ACE setup/design work?

I want PROXIED sessions (to VIP proxy to be loadbalanced

All other sessions (eg. Some public ip's) will have to transparent loadbalanced to proxy servers. Thus not destinations NAT

ACE is inline between firewalls and proxy servers.

Vip definitions:

class-map match-all P_PXYVIP_VS_LB

2 match virtual-address tcp 8080

class-map match-all P_PXYTRANS_VS_LB

2 match virtual-address tcp any

Question in this case: would it still be possible to have management sessions towards proxy servers routed by the ACE ? (physical ip addresses of proxy)

Probably the classmap PXYTRANS is catching those sessies also.

Are there other design/config solutions to solve this one?

Thank you!


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Let me repose the question:

How could one still be able to access the realserver IP (which is directly connected

to the ACE) for manangement.

Knowing that there is 1 VIP which (normal) loadbalance to the realservers


there is 1 VIP tcp any which is configure to catch all other traffic to be

transparant loadbalanced.

The VIP is always catching the sessions which need only to be routed

to the real servers ip.


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