Locked 7912 and 7911's

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Oct 1st, 2008
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Guys - these things are driving me nuts...

I have 7912's and 7911's. They came from the Netherlands and were in Dutch I think..(?) Anyway, I got them back to English but that leaves 2 issues:

1> There is a banner on the screen I can not get rid of and it's in Dutch

2> I have manipulated the files on the server (xmldefault and even created specific SEP-insert MAC here-.cnf files but still the phone will not upgrade OR downgrade. They say they are upgrading, the TFTP server shows the files downloading and yet they still come up with the same code they came with over and over. Have tried pressing the "factory" button and "save", no change, have reset the network on them, no change. A simple **# seems to unlock them every time, but no success. Most phones can be factory set by holding the # key and entering the code when booting, these completely ignore that and go right to "Configuring VLAN."

Any ideas would be a huge help, I need to deploy these right away.

Thanks - Brian

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