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Oct 2nd, 2008

Hi, we have created an account with exchange full admin rights and local admin rights to the unity box. The send as and receive as rights are blocked as inherited (probably due to exchange admin). How do I give it send as and recieve as rights to the mailstore. The tool in msm that allows rights to mailstore runs but it does not show as rights being allowed.Any suggestions?...thanks, Jeff

I have this problem too.
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culittle Thu, 10/02/2008 - 07:53

Not sure what you are trying to accomplish manually, but the install guide describes the accounts necessary for Unity. see link

Unityinstall account needs to be a domain admin. I would also set it to an exchange enterprise server admin.

Then running your permissions wizard from the domain root with the install account will set correct permissions for the unitymsgstoresvc and unitydirsvc accounts.

jeff.singh_2 Thu, 10/02/2008 - 08:13

Curtis thanks for the reply. I should have asked the question better, we are trying to set up an account to use the message store minitor tool. The rights required are as follows:

Requirements/Special Notes

Requires Unity 3.1.0(1) or greater, running in a Microsoft Exchange 2000, Microsoft Exchange 2003, or Microsoft Exchange 5.5 environment.

The user account running MSM must be a local administrator on the Cisco Unity server.

The user account running MSM must be a Full Exchange Administrator for Microsoft Exchange 2000, Microsoft Exchange 2003, or and Administrator for Microsoft Exchange 5.5.

The user account running MSM must have Send-As and Receive-As rights on each Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 mail store the Message Store Manager is expected to act on. See Checking Mailstore Access.

Currently VM Mailbox Rule scripts are supported on Microsoft Exchange 2000 and Microsoft Exchange 2003

Its the send as and receive as thats being denied from above.

ranpierce Thu, 10/02/2008 - 14:32

use the msgstore account that you are starting some services with. It does have send as recieve as rights.

You may have to give it some (delegate) exchange rights.

hope this helps.


jeff.singh_2 Thu, 10/02/2008 - 14:39

Thanks for the reply Randy. I have created an account called msgstoremanager and given it exchange rights using delegate control.I have added it as a local admin on Unity Box. When I login to the unity box with that account and using the grant access tool to the mailstores they report no and when i run the tool it does nothing - access still reports no.

ranpierce Thu, 10/02/2008 - 14:58

It has been a while since I used this but let me check.


Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 10/02/2008 - 15:05

I think in order for you to be able to grant the rights you have to be logged on with an account that has the rights.

Log on with the same account that you ran PW when you installed Unity. That account will work. Then do the the grant access again.

Let me know I have used this tool in the past.



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