Witness with IPCC Express

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Oct 2nd, 2008

Is anyone having success using Witness Systems with IPCC Express (CCX 5.0)?

And how complicates on the installation process?


Dat Pham

I have this problem too.
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mohitbawa2574 Thu, 10/02/2008 - 14:38

I personally don't have experience but witness's impact 360 product works seemlessly with Call Manager, UCCx or UCCE.

lpezj Fri, 10/03/2008 - 02:11


Witness can be easily integrated with CUCM using SPAN and/or JTAPI to tag calls.

If you are using CUCM 6 you can use the DMS feature to avoid the SPAN or RSPAN on switches, but you will need to use Witness version 7.8.1.

You can connect to IPCC Enterprise to get agent information. With IPCC Express you can use agent extension number instead of agent login, because one agent can only logs in on an unique DN.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

mikram Fri, 10/03/2008 - 02:38


I am using Witness 7.8 enterprise with CUCM 6.1.2 and it works fine. Just need to setup SIP trunk between CUCM and Witness and application user just like jtapi in CRS.

Good luck.



phamvinhdat Fri, 10/03/2008 - 06:23

Thanks Juan and Ikram.

If we are using TAPI connection, what information do we need for application user to work (device type, DN, user group...)?


Dat Pham

lpezj Fri, 10/03/2008 - 06:32


With Witness recorders, you can sniff RTP and Skinny messages from CUCM or you can sniff RTP and use a JTAPI connection to CUCM. You will need to add the DN of the phones to be recorded. You will have to add them in the reocrder configuration too.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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r.robins Thu, 10/09/2008 - 11:14


I'm having problems with CUCM 6.1 and Witness from Verint.

Setup DMS on te required phones, created CTI route point (ext2500) and created JTAPI useras described by Verint guide.

When we look at the Witness server recordings we see that coversations are recorded but the list states the internal extension number correctly but always displays the CTI route point number (ext2500) as either the called or calling party number.

Anyone else sen this or have any ideas ?

Thanks in anticipation.

lpezj Thu, 10/09/2008 - 22:51


You need to add a JTAPI adapter apart from the SIP Adapter. With this JTAPI adapte you will have tagged the recordings in the same way as if you were using SPAN.

Take a look to the attached guide, page 29.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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r.robins Fri, 10/10/2008 - 00:11

Hi Juan,

Thanks for the response, we used this guide when we first installed the JTAPI client on the witness server.

I have been through it several time and still have the same issue.

Verint are pretty useless with assisting also and seem to spend more time tryiong to lay blame on Call Manager.

I sniffed the output from the phones being recorded and the packets contain called party and calling party numbers.

mikram Fri, 10/10/2008 - 01:36

Hi Juan,

Please check if the following parameters are configured on CUCM and follow the steps below:

1. Turn on IP phone built in Bridge to allow Monitoring and recording in service parameters of Cisco CallManager service.

2. Add user for monitoring or recording. i.e. Create and Application user who is capable of invoking monitoring or recording, and the application user must belong to a group with monitoring and recording privileges. Add the user to the user groups: Standard CTI Allow call monitoring, Standard CTI Allow call recording and Standard CTI enabled user groups. I created an application user Witness.

3. Configure Tones for Monitoring or Recording: cluster wide (call recordings)

System> Service Parameters: a call that is being monitored or recorded will play an intermittent tone to inform both parties that their call is being recorded/monitored.

4. Configure Monitoring CSS:

The monitoring CSS of the supervisor line appearance must include the agent line or device partition to allow monitoring the agent.


5. Enable recording for a line appearnce:

To enable recording of an agent, set the recording option in the line appearance of the agent to automatic call recording enabled or application invoked call recording enabled.

6. Create Recording Profile:

Device> Device Setting > Recording Profile:

7. Create a SIP Trunk that points to the Recorder:

8. Create a route pattern for the recorder:

Create a route pattern for the recorder SIP trunk. The Recording Destination Address in the recording profile must match this pattern.

Hope it helps you. I am using 7.8.1 with CUCM 6.0.1.




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