Strange Port Channel problem

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I have a stack of 3 x 3750 switches. Each switch has a 2GB uplink to the same port channel. This is the weird bit. Switch 1, when connected up the port channel runs fine to the core, but when either Switch 2 or Switch 3 in the stack connect up, I am experiencing Output Queue Drops every now and then. Not a serious problem, but anyone got any ideas ?

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I think your design is incorrect. In my opionion, you should have 1 port group going to your primary core device, and a second port group going to your second core device.

Why would you want to connect multiple interfaces from the same stak group into the same core switch? Do you really need that much badnwdith into the core over 1 link.

Redundancy would be my watch word of the day - just my opionon.



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