1250 as 1240 (antenna diversity)

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Oct 6th, 2008


I have to do some labs with antenna diversity. But I do not have any 1240, 1131, etc right now. I only have 1250. What parameters must be enable/disable to run 1250 as 1240. I have disable 2 RX (B i C) and 1 TX (B). How to disable spatial multiplexing and enable antenna diversity. It is LAP connected to controller.


I found this:

802.11a antenna diversity enable <ap name>

But this massage appears:

Slot is not Disabled.


I have managed to enable antenna diversity. I had to disable "admin status" before applying diversity. But now I have some doubts. Should I disable one Tx and two RX or only one RX. Which antenna are used for diversity for 5GHz. I think A and B. Anyone can help ?

Thank you in advance.



I have this problem too.
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grzegorz.ciolek Sun, 10/12/2008 - 23:00


Thank you for respond. I can use antenna diversity on two dipole antenna. I do not have to use AIR-ANT5145V-R or AIR-ANT5170P-R

My problem is that my 1250(with antenna diversity, which try pretend 1240) is still visible as 802.11n capable.

I know that I can disable 802.11n globally on WLC but I need one 1250 to work in 802.11n.



The AP 1250 is fully capable of running in 802.11a/b/g-only mode only. To do so, you need at a minimum to use the "A" and "B" antenna ports on both radios. However even at "legacy" data rates there is a performance improvement when using all three antennas. The additional receiver improves range and throughput for OFDM (i.e., 802.11a/g) clients. In addition, RRM, location tracking, and heat maps assume that three antennas are in use on each radio. Deploying all six antennas during the initial installation also makes you eventual migration to 802.11n a little easier.


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