verifing Internet routes on BGP router

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Oct 7th, 2008

Is there a way to verify that my BGP(internet) internet connected router is getting all the internet routes it should be getting?

I have this problem too.
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John Blakley Tue, 10/07/2008 - 12:12

You should be able to run:

sh ip bgp neig

sh ip route bgp

Others know more about BGP than I do, but these are the basic commands to see if you have a neighbor configured, and then to see if you're BGP routes are showing up in your routing table. They'll be marked with a "B."


tporembski Tue, 10/07/2008 - 12:44

thank you but I was probably to vague in my qiestion. I understand how to see BGP neighbors and view BGP routes in the routing table I was more concerned with being able to verify that I was getting all the routes from my ISP. Now that I look at it more closely I am not sure there is any way other than seeing the total route counts and if it is in 100K+ range assume I am getting all internet routes.


laloperez Tue, 10/07/2008 - 23:22

In fact, it's more in the 250K+ range than in the 100K. If you only have ~100K routes, you are missing more than half the internet.

I think your provider is feeding your router with "customer routes", i.e., its own routes plus their clients'.

marikakis Wed, 10/08/2008 - 00:56


You can use the "sh ip bgp sum" command to view quickly an approximate total number of routes received from your ISP.

Sample output:


Neighbor V AS MsgRcvd MsgSent TblVer InQ OutQ Up/Down State/PfxRcd

4 1618700 129642 11697332 0 0 2w6d 265990


The value under the "State/PfxRcd" column shows how many prefixes you have received over an established session with your peer (~265990 now).

Check out the website: for current status of the Internet Routing Table.

Kind Regards,



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