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Oct 8th, 2008
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Hi all,

i've got 2 questions:

1 http url loadbalance, version .3.0.0_A1_4a seems not to accept simple wildcard like * :( pretty strange, i have to put entire url and so ACE let me display web page;

ex 2 match http url .*/pippo_ita/!1CIAO.html i can see page,

.*/pippo_ita/* i cannot see page...

other question, do you think i'll have problem from inside server to connect a VIP situated in a CSS if i've got same VIP subnet?

ex server A-B-C (real ip VIP> (VIP on CSS) and they have both physical connection (CSS has got a circuit like and ACE too I think that ACE will forward packet and a brodcast will occur for finding VIP on CSS and a CSS will responde...

thx and bye

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Syed Iftekhar Ahmed Wed, 10/08/2008 - 10:22
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Instead of using




CSS will definitely respond.

If reals for CSS & ACE share the same Subnet then you will need to Src NAT traffic initiated from servers behind ACE.

If servers behind ACE & CSS are using different subnet & ACe is not doing SRC NAT then You just need to make sure CSS has a route pointing to the ACE for REAL server IPs.


Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

danilodicesare Wed, 10/08/2008 - 13:47
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tnx Syed!

reals are on different subnets so i need not src NAT, just VIP shares same subnet but, as i said before, CSS has to respond at arp request and L2 stuff has to do their job :).



Syed Iftekhar Ahmed Wed, 10/08/2008 - 14:07
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Its not just L2 stuff. Your CSS also needs to be L3 aware of the networks behind ACE.

Let supposes your VIP subnet shared by ACE & CSS is 200.x.x.x and serverfarms behind ACE & CSS are using 10.x.x.x & 20.x.x.x respectively.

Now packet from servers behind ACE will end up at the CSS as (provide ACE is not doing SRC NAT)

Src IP: 10.x.x.a

Dst IP: 200.x.x.v

For the return traffic CSS needs to know where 10.x.x.x network is. CSS cannot learn this via L2/ARP it needs a route entry in the routing table for 10.x.x.x pointing towards ACE.


danilodicesare Wed, 10/08/2008 - 14:10
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:) yes yes it was clear....L2 stuff just for going from ACE to CSS (VIP)...return traffic, of course, needs routing.

tnx again!



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