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Oct 8th, 2008
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I'm trying to change an ephone MAC on a CME router. I have both removed it from the gui and/or removed it via CLI but I get the same result trying to add the new MAC:

CME(config-ephone)#mac-address 0023.0433.3ad5

ephone slot is already registered with 2290.5bd7.0d01.

Cannot change MAC address.


If I do a "sh run", there is no entry for that ephone. If I do "sh telephony-service ephone" there is a section for that ephone but no MAC is associated with it. If I type "sh ephone" it shows up in the list as unregistered with the old MAC and shows it as type ATA. I'm trying to change it to a 7941.

Any ideas?

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Kenneth Mohammed Wed, 10/08/2008 - 13:05
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Hello Keith,

try this:

CME(config-ephone)#no mac-address 2290.5bd7.0d01

CME(config-ephone)# mac-address 0023.0433.3ad5

Hope that helped

maharris Wed, 10/08/2008 - 13:29
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A co-worker saw this at one location - they had a series of 'stuck' ephones, nothing we tried would free them up, not reloads, nothing - I think there were 3 of them, and had to jump past them, and then it was fine. It was not a huge impact, so we did not pursue it, but there was definitely something weird going on.

Mary Beth

keith_chilek Wed, 10/08/2008 - 14:21
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Sorry, should have been more detailed, I already tried exactly that multiple times and it still spits out the same error message.

maharris Thu, 10/09/2008 - 14:56
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We just ran into something a little like this, where an ephone seemed to be stuck, today! We were trying to install an ARC console. They have seen this before, and they suggested we do the following: Configure the old device show it shows up in the sh run again, with the old MAC, and then do a restart on it. You want the status to change from deceased to registered, and we had the phone on hand, and so were able to do that - if you don't, I think if the status just changes to something other than deceased, you might be fine. Then remove it from the config with no ephone x (first unplug the device, if you plugged it in to register), and it should clear out.

keith_chilek Thu, 10/09/2008 - 17:57
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It gets stranger....the first ephone below is a valid ATA, up and running. The second is the one I'm trying to get rid of. The MAC is invalid, we have no device with that MAC. It does not show up in any arp or mac-address-tables. Notice how the MAC appears to be a shifted version of the first. Also, the IP is the same. And it says it's registered.

ephone-11 Mac:0022.905B.D784 TCP socket:[1] activeLine:0 REGISTERED in SCCP ver 1 and Server in ver 1

mediaActive:0 offhook:0 ringing:0 reset:0 reset_sent:0 paging 0 debug:0 caps:6

IP: 15245 ATA Phone keepalive 3551 max_line 2 dual-line

button 1: dn 11 number 3611 CH1 IDLE CH2 IDLE

ephone-32 Mac:2290.5BD7.8401 TCP socket:[34] activeLine:0 REGISTERED in SCCP ver 1 and Server in ver 1

mediaActive:0 offhook:0 ringing:0 reset:0 reset_sent:0 paging 0 debug:0 caps:2

IP: 4008 ATA Phone keepalive 5 max_line 2 dual-line

tim.giles Fri, 10/10/2008 - 00:11
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I've had these type of problems before with CME (virtual dn's etc.).

Have you tried removing the telephony-service completely. Then copy it back to the config?

Then try re-adding the ephone/MAC back in..

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Rob Huffman Fri, 10/10/2008 - 05:14
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Hi Keith,

Just to verify, the shifted MAC is the second port on the ATA. This is how they are designated (with the first two characters of the MAC removed and 01 appended) You may have to remove the "whole" ATA to remove both MAC's.

Hope this helps!


Wilson Flores Tue, 01/13/2009 - 19:41
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Hi Guys,

I have also same scenario. When i replace the mac-address of the Ephone X. it said it was already associated with other Mac Address. What i did was unplug the IP Phone with that Mac Address then with acouple a minute i input the new mac addres then its ok now.

dway.hall Fri, 06/15/2012 - 12:41
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so your getting this problem right.......!

ephone  2

device-security-mode none

mac-address 52CE.B88A.0001

config-ephone)# mac-address 0024.c4bd.eaa4

============ error ==========================================

MAC address is already assigned with ephone 19 ( or what ever ephone number).


conf t

ephone 19

mac address 1111.1111.1111

ephone 2

mac-address 0024.c4bd.eaa4



you basically have to change the mac address of the ephone which once had the mac address your trying to use..

zidjali2007 Tue, 08/02/2016 - 00:21
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The Problem
So I got a couple more phones for the lab and after resetting them, I plugged them in and let them boot up.  They booted to the standard phone screen as I expected with no issue.  However, when I was trying to configure the phone and add the MAC address to the configuration, I got this error on the console…

VOIP2801(config-ephone)#mac-address <MAC ADDRESS>
ephone slot is already registered with <MAC Address>

Cannot change MAC address.

A little surprised, I took a look at the running config and didn’t see any other phone configurations besides my initial phone.  A look at the output of ‘show ephone’ showed all three phones as registered.  Evidently, the CME system had auto registered the phones and I was trying to configure a MAC address for a phone that had already been registered on a different MAC.

The Fix
After a little trial and error I realized that the way to unregister the phone was to clear it’s MAC.  This seem(s/ed) odd to me since the MAC wasn’t listed in the running config but it seemed to work.  Some googling confirmed that this was the correct way to unregister a phone…

VOIP2801(config)#ephone <Number>
VOIP2801(config-ephone)#no mac-address

Additionally, I configured the ‘no atuo-reg-ephone’ under the telephony service configuration.  This prevents the phone from registering if it hasn’t been defined in the config.

VOIP2801(config-telephony)#no auto-reg-ephone

The phone will try to boot and show a ‘Registration Rejected’ error during the boot.  Once you define the phone, it should boot just fine.


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