Problems with Cisco 2811 and Voip Interface

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Oct 9th, 2008


I have the following description for Cisco 2811:

ifDescr.1 = FastEthernet0/0

ifDescr.2 = FastEthernet0/1

ifDescr.3 = Serial0/1/0

ifDescr.4 = Serial0/1/1

ifDescr.6 = Null0

ifDescr.9 = Foreign Exchange Office 0/0/0

ifDescr.10 = Foreign Exchange Office 0/0/1

ifDescr.11 = Foreign Exchange Office 0/0/2

ifDescr.12 = Foreign Exchange Office 0/0/3

ifDescr.13 = Multilink1

NBAR protocol is configured in Multi Link interface (with ip nbar protocol-discovery command) but the OID is not being populated with any information.

ifDescr.9 to ifDescr.12 are Voip interfaces. If I remove them, the OID above is populated correctly. The problem only occurs with Voip interfaces connected to Cisco 28xx.

I can configure NBAR in any interface (serial, fast), except in Multi Link. I've already tested NBAR in Cisco 1700 (that don't accept Voip card) and the OID above is populated correctly, even in Multi Link interface.

I tried with 12.3 and 12.4 IOS software, but the problem persists. I would apreciate any ideias.

Thanks for reading my post!


I have this problem too.
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