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Oct 9th, 2008


i've passed my snd in june and the snrs (today!) so i need to decide on what to pursue next

my instinct is for the asa but the snpa is due to retire and i'm wondering should i wait for the snaf BUT there are no certification guides for it

so, should i

- go for snpa or snaf


- do the ips in the meantime

thanks to anyone taking the time to reply

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mulhollandm Thu, 10/09/2008 - 13:14


many thanks for your reply, its gratefully appreciated

i have access to a number of ASA5540 & 5510s so i can set up a lab at home or in work and i'll be working with ASAs pretty regularly

what is the minimum kit i need to get some handson experience of IPS - do i need a sensor appliance or can i use the IPS functions on the IOS firewall and ASA

thanks again

compsolv Thu, 10/09/2008 - 14:38

The course focuses on the use of the IDM to manage and configure the device.

If you can use the IDM with the ASA/IPS-SSM combo then you will be just fine. I am not sure if you can however. You will need to check that.


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