Cisco 1700 Boot Problem

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Oct 10th, 2008

Hi all,

Im getting some funky characters when booting my Cisco 1750.


Anybody know what's going on?

My router does not boot to the IOS. Last command I gave it was confreg 0x0120



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Richard Burts Fri, 10/10/2008 - 11:02


Strange characters like that are typically a symptom of a speed mismatch with the speed of the console port set to something that is different from the speed of the terminal emulator. I would suggest that you try the different speeds starting from 1200 and working your way up through the available speeds and see if one works. Be aware that with some emulators (especially Hyperterm) you need to stop and start the emulator every time that you change the speed.

If the last command was a confreg, I wonder if there might have been a typo mistake (or perhaps leaving off the 0x) which could have set a different speed.

And if the last digit of the value is a 0 then it instructs the router to boot to rommon rather than booting into IOS.


Rick Fri, 10/10/2008 - 11:06

Thanks Rick. I managed to get the correct speed which is 4800. However I still cannot get out of the bad file magic number 0x0. Whenever I reboot the router, I have to go through all the ROMMON procedures again.

Richard Burts Fri, 10/10/2008 - 11:37


When you do show version, what does it say is the value of the config register? If the last digit is 0 that would explain why it is going into rommon. Change the config register so that the last digit is 2 and I believe that it will solve your issue with going into rommon.



Richard Burts Fri, 10/10/2008 - 12:23


I am glad that you got it working. Thanks for posting back to the thread and indicating that it was solved and what you did to solve it.

I had not realized that the problem was a bad image. But in that case the tftpdnld is a very helpful tool.




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