CFwdALL not working after 6.12 upgrade from 4.13

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Oct 13th, 2008
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When I press my CFwdALL button and then any number or the messages button, I hear "Your call cannot be completed as dialed....". Why is this and how do I fix it?



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You must use the calling search space settings for individual CF behaviors on the directory numbers. You can do this as a Bulk change to DN's. Find all your DN's, and select the check box by CFNA, CfwALL, and so on. Then select your appropriate calling Search Space that will find the targets for your given behaviors.

Note that there is also a setting, close to the top, that pertains to CfwAll specifically.

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allan.thomas Mon, 10/13/2008 - 09:53
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The primary reason is that there is a new cluster wide CFA CSS activation policy which is set within the service parameter.

Essentially there are two option:-

•With Configured CSS (default)

•With Activating Device/Line CSS

If you select the With Configured CSS option, the Forward All Calling Search Space that is explicitly configured in the Directory Number Configuration window controls the forward all activation and call forwarding.

If the Forward All Calling Search Space is set to None, no calling search space gets configured for Forward All. A forward all activation attempt to any directory number with a partition will fail. This is what you are likely experiencing, did you have a CFA CSS configured previously, or were you reliant on the device css?

No change in the Forward All Calling Search Space and Secondary Calling Search Space for Forward All occurs during the forward all activation.

If you prefer to use the combination of the Directory Number Calling Search Space and Device Calling Search Space without explicitly configuring a Forward All Calling Search Space, select With Activating Device/Line CSS for the CSS Activation Policy. For this option, when Forward All is activated from the phone, the Forward All Calling Search Space and Secondary Calling Search Space for Forward All automatically get populated with the Directory Number Calling Search Space and Device Calling Search Space for the activating device.

With this configuration (Calling Search Space Activation Policy set to With Activating Device/Line), if the Forward All Calling Search Space is set to None, when forward all is activated through the phone, the combination of Directory Number Calling Search Space and activating Device Calling Search Space gets used to verify the forward all attempt.

By default, the value of the CFA CSS Activation Policy service parameter gets set to With Configured CSS.

Refer to the following URL:-

Depending on your dial-plan it may be possible to configure the service parameter CSS CFA policy for device/line rather that updating the CSS manually. This enable the user to initiate a CFA, and primary and secondary CSS fields will be set accordingly with their configured Line CSS and Device CSS for the secondary.



If I am not mistaken, both these options apply only to the CfwdAll behavior. Keep that in mind - if Call forward reasons are different than CfwdAll, and you don't set the CSS on each behavior, then you could end up with failed calls for 'no answer' and other reasons. For instance, CFNA to other than voicemail. I would consider setting the behaviors on all for that reason.

hypnotoad Mon, 10/13/2008 - 11:21
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Thanks for this info. It solved most of this issue. I can now use the CFwdALL softkey from all of the phones that I've tested. I set the cluster for "With Activating Device/Line CSS".

I still have one issue. I have a user at a remote site that forwards his line to a cell phone when out of the office. His still won't work and I can't figure out why.


hypnotoad Mon, 10/13/2008 - 11:43
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I figured out my problem user issue. He was forwarding his line to a long didtance number that he does not have access to. It works if I elevate his calling permissions.

Thanks All,


hypnotoad Mon, 10/13/2008 - 12:17
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Okay. I lied. I still have a problem. I'm going to start a new thread because it is somewhat different.


allan.thomas Mon, 10/13/2008 - 12:34
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Good to hear that you were able to resolve it, thanks for the rating and best of luck.



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