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Oct 13th, 2008
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Hello folks -

We have a couple of branch sites that are connected to the corporate through an MPLS cloud.

If I want to measure the WAN utilization on each one of the T1 circuits from these branch locations, what is the best way to do this?

Thanks for your help!

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ksarin123_2 Mon, 10/13/2008 - 11:09
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Yeah, that's what we are doing now.

But that only gives me the interface utilization on the routers. So if I have a partial DS3 line (9MB) pipe, how do I know how much of that 9MB is being used on average?

Collin Clark Mon, 10/13/2008 - 11:14
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I'm confused. I assume the 9MB is at your head-end. Do you just want to monitor that interface and determine how much of the 9MB goes to each location?

ksarin123_2 Mon, 10/13/2008 - 11:20
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I will explain in greater detail.

The HQ and all other branches are connected through the MPLS. HQ has a single 9MB pipe to the cloud, while each branch has a T1 line to the cloud.

I want to know how much of that 9MB capacity do we use on average? Again, I can get the utilization of the serial interface of the router, but I would like to know the utilization on the pipe itself.

Hope this clears up a little bit.

Collin Clark Mon, 10/13/2008 - 11:43
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You state you can 'get the utilization of the serial interface' and 'I would like to know the utilization on the pipe itself.' To me that means the same thing. What do you mean by pipe? I think that's where our terms are getting mixed up.

You're monitoring the serial interface (which is DS3) but your speed is 9MB. When you monitor the interface (let's say Serial0/0), is it showing 45MB and your looking for the 9MB?

Giuseppe Larosa Mon, 10/13/2008 - 11:44
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Hello Kunal,

you just need to rescale your MRTG graph using a reference of 9 Mbps or have a constant 9 Mbps reference line on the graph

Hope to help



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