Enabeling Enterprise License

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Oct 13th, 2008

Is there ANY chance that enabling Entreprise licensing would break an application? The reason I ask is for what ever reason, WAAS has broken at least one of our applications. TN5250 to an AS/400. We circumvented this via an ACL. My concern is I'm running WAAS for several Hospitals and I can not afford to affect anything by turning this on. TIA

I have this problem too.
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dstolt Tue, 10/14/2008 - 06:19

Enabling the Enterprise license give you the ability to run the advanced Application Optimizers (CIFS, MAPI, HTTP, etc.), but for the 5250 traffic, even with the transport licence, it would use the same optimization. TN5250 usually would be classified as telnet traffic as it runs over the same ports which by default should be in passthrough on WAAS. I would check and make sure your WAEs are all using the same set of application policies and that Telnet is set to PT. I have successfully seen TN5250 fully optimized by TFO/DRE/LZ before, so it definitely can work. There could be some other interaction with IOS or VPN affecting the interaction with WAAS, etc. that could be explored.


Michael Anderson Tue, 10/14/2008 - 06:32

Thanks for the input Dan. I'm really not looking to solve the TN5250 issue using the Enterprise license. I was just using it as an example. My question relates to the example in that, if I turn on Enterprise licensing, will it automatically start optimizing application and possibly lead to a scenerio in the aforementioned example. Does this make sense. My goal is to turn it on in my core and then turn it on a remote site. I want to test between the remote site and the core without affecting any other remotes. TIA

dstolt Wed, 10/15/2008 - 07:33

Do you have transport only licensing now? Turning Enterprise on in the core and leaving transport licensing at the other sites will limit those edges to features (TFO/DRE/LZ) only in transport.




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