Which is better lease line or VPN??

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Oct 14th, 2008

Hi..I need to connect 10 sites with no web portal,public users...which is better between lease line or VPN ..is there a need of firewall?...Does VPN also covers the L4-L7 securities ??..should I go for lease line or VPN ??

When I go for VPN, still there is a need of Firewalls to provide the L4-L7 securities if Web servers are there ...??

Please suggest me ..



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In my opionion - there is no right ro wrong answer, you need to consider:-

1) Cost

2) Number of devices to manage

3) Cost

VPN's are cheap - becuase internet circuits are cheap, but you have contention ratios, reliability issues and banwdith contrants.

Leased lines are not cheap - but you do get 100% of the bandwdith you buy.

With a leased line - you do not need a firewall, with the VPN you do.

The VPN can cover L4-L7 security.

If you go for a VPN yes you should use a firewall.


ror.sanjeev Wed, 10/15/2008 - 01:57

Hi..Thank you very much for the response..If I want to establish site-to-site VPN over Public Internet with IPSec then dedicated Internet bandwidth i will use ...

If VPN can cover L4-L7 security then still there is a need of firewalls????.please tell me how VPN covers L4-L7 security..

can u please suggest/explain why there is no need of firwalls in case of lease line..?




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