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Oct 14th, 2008

Hello all...

I have this weird problem. I have a callmanager 4.2 and IPCC 4.0.3 and each is on a seperate server. I had the system clock for both servers originally set for AST (GMT+3) and it was set to my region and was working well.

However, to weeks ago, as the time reained the same, it acted as if it is GMT+2, even though the time is shown correctly (GMT+3)

When this shift happened, I decided to set it correctly to the timezone I'm in, and so I changed th Date/Time group to Cairo (GMT+2)and also changed the time in both servers to Cairo and disabled the "Adjust automatically to DST"

However, i found it still behaving as what it would have, if I had it on GMT (laging behind 2 hours). In order for the call center to function correctly, I had to st the clock ahead two hours, so the ipcc would behanveas if it were two hours behind.

(for example: for the ipcc to behave as if it's now 9:00 AM, i would have to set the server's system clock to 11:00 AM)

The problem is that it's showing the time of the server clock on the reports and so all my reports are shifted two hours.

I retarted the server, and even changed the settings to other GMT+2 zones but still no luck.

Any ideas!!!!.....

A quick question: Doesn't the CRS engine get the time and timezone settings from its server ime settings (windows ssytem clock)? or is there other parameters?

really appreciae the help.

Thanks an best regards,

Ahmed El-Eraky

I have this problem too.
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AhmedEl-Eraky Tue, 11/11/2008 - 02:55

I solved it!!!

It was fixed after performing an OS upgrade.

could have been a bug or something.


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