Simple ASA5505 VPN server configuration?

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I've been trying to get an ASA 5505 to act as an IPSec VPN server for a while now. I get a good connection but receive a series of error messages at startup about not being able to set a route ( on the client side, an XP laptop with Cisco VPN software ). I'm attaching the log and the complete configuration for your enjoyment. Be gentle, it's been a long day...

This is an unmodified config; there's nothing behind the ASA except a test linux box. It's basicly a copy of a configuration in a cisco tech note.

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Dumb dumb dumb... I was using the second NIC on three linux boxes to test with -,252,251 and the ASA5505 was at Pings to from the vpn client worked, the others did not.

If you look at the vpnpool in the above config, you will discover that clients come in at and there was no route for that on the linux boxes. The default route remained on the production firewall via the primary NIC. Adding a route for to fixed things.

That error message on the client side still bothers me. I'd like to know what the problem is.


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