Scott Fella Thu, 10/16/2008 - 10:43
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Here is a doc that explains how to upgrade from autonomous to LWAPP.

gamccall Wed, 10/22/2008 - 06:26
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Note that if you don't care about preserving the existing config information (such as IP addresses) on the AP, there's no particular reason you have to use the conversion tool; you can install the new code image just like a normal IOS upgrade. If I'm doing just one or two at a time and I have the AP in my hands, I usually don't bother with the tool, but if the APs are already in place or if there are a lot to convert, definitely use the tool.

MATTHEW BALYUZI Fri, 10/24/2008 - 07:17
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For older APs (such as the 1100, 1200 or some 1131s) use the conversion tool as it generated the AP certificates that are not otherwise present on these APs.


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