ICND1 Time Crunch

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Oct 21st, 2008

Just a quick question. I am getting ready to take my ICND1 and I am wondering how quick you really need to be with the subnetting questions. I have used the ciscopress study material and it is telling me to be able to get the range of addresses, broadcast address, subnet address, etc in roughly 10 - 15 seconds.

How true is that...I mean I know how to do it fairly quickly but am wondering how much time I should spend getting really fast at doing this. And with that is there any tricks to doing the problems faster?


I have this problem too.
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jrensink78 Wed, 10/22/2008 - 06:40

You will want to be fairly quick at being able to do the subnetting stuff. I think that if you can do most of it in your head, you're doing good.

I would mainly focus on getting good with the subnet masks longer than a /24 (breaking up a class C address space). Then be sure you are competent with the shorter subnet masks.

I'm pretty sure Cisco, as well as other sites, have subnetting games or programs. Drill through those for a few hours and I'm sure you'll get pretty good.

cjinfantino Wed, 10/22/2008 - 12:59

Thank you very much for your reply. I have been playing the subnet game from Cisco's website and also using subnettingquestions.com.

Thanks again!

lffrwatson Tue, 10/28/2008 - 06:02

I been doing networking for 5+ years and I can do subnetting in no time. DONT rely on a subnet calculator. Maybe use it to check your work but dont ever use it in the real world. When I ask techs subnet questions everytime they have to pull out their subnet calculator. Remember practice makes perfect. After doing it for several years you will quickly see a pattern to subnetting.

Good luck.

shenrick Sat, 11/01/2008 - 20:35

I have an old CCNA ICND book Copyrighted 2004 by Wendell Odom.

Chapter 4, explaining IP subnetting is the best I have read, maybe it clicked after all these years. I was doing it all the hard way.

He explained some great shortcuts.

Memorizing the powers of 2 and brain dumping notes on the grease board they hand out before you start the test may help.

If you can nail finding Subnet #, 1st add, Broadcast, last add you should have no problem aceing that section.

Good luck to you.

gilcisco1 Fri, 11/07/2008 - 15:00

I took and pass the ICND1 test today using the same materials. A bit tough, but with enough study/practice you will pass. Thus, the best advice I think I can give you is practice, practice; the faster the better. However, if you already are within that time range -or a bit over- you should be ok.

Also, be very familiar with ICND1's main concepts including Router operation / configuration as some simulation questions involve subnetting when configuring interfaces among other things.

Best of luck!


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