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Giuseppe Larosa Wed, 10/22/2008 - 07:38

Hello Nikhil,

you need a router able to host 16 E1 / serial links and then to build a PPP multilink with 16 links.

I would go to C7200VXR with NPE-G1 or NPE-G2 and two 8E1 Port Adapters.

You probably can be able to install 16 serial interfaces on a C3845 but I'm not sure it can be able to handle the 16 links bundle.

The best suggestion here is to ask for subrate 32 Mbps service provided over a FE or GE link it is far better then having so many links in a PPP bundle

You could even think to move to a L2 MPLS VPN service to get the desired BW.

An E3 link (34 Mbps) can suit your needs too and an NM-E3 can be found for C3825 or C3845.

Hope to help



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